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Mom didn’t see it coming. None of us did. On February 13, 2005, the love of her life and husband for 55 years died very suddenly. In the midst of that shock and turmoil, we didn’t know that her brain was going through irreversible changes that would affect her and us for the rest of her life.

It wasn’t long before Mom was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), and eventually she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. I want to share our story and be a source of help to other people who are trying to navigate through this horrible disease. You may know someone who is showing signs that something isn’t right and you just don’t know what to do, where to begin or what is ahead. You may also have to face a new path.

I think Mom would want me to help others, even if only a little bit, and give her journey through this disease some meaning.


It Was Driving Me Crazy

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Driving is not an easy issue. It is a powerful symbol of independence, mental competency and is routine for most adults. When someone is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s disease, removing their ability to get behind the wheel must be considered.

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